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Batch pasteurizers for milk, yogurt and desserts

The Batch Pasteur from Fullwood Packo is designed as a stand-alone installation for the pasteurization and further processing of milk or cream into yogurt or desserts.
Through a unique combination of a double jacket and a closed water circuit, the Batch Pasteurizer ensures an efficient and effective heat transfer. The multifunctional pasteurizer works automatically without you having to control and manage the process.    

Advantages of Fullwood Packo batch pasteurisers:

  • Automatic process with up to 4 programs
  • Fast and efficient heating and cooling
  • Closed water circuit ensures a long service life
  • Robust design 

Range: 150-1,000 litre

Cheese vats

The cheese vat has all the functionalities of the batch pasteurizer with on top of it a custom agitator with knives for the preparation of curd.

Range: 150-1,000 litre