About Packo Cooling

Packo Cooling is an innovative manufacturer and worldwide leading brand of cooling installations for the agricultural and food industry.

With a full range of cooling solutions we help food (processing) companies, industrial kitchens and dairy farmers in more than fifty countries to maximize their product quality and profitability.

Packo Cooling is located in Zedelgem, near Bruges (Belgium), which has been producing cooling tanks for cooling milk on the farm since 1964.
Since the 1970s, the knowledge about cooling, storage, ice water production, heating and pasteurization has been further developed with the aim of offering solutions for the general and food industry.

Our Packo Cooling dealer network of refrigeration partners can support you with the installation, start-up and maintenance of your new investment.


The ingredients of Packo Cooling:


Working together as a close-knit team is extremely important to us.
Every employee is an important link within the team.

Skilled Mechanics

Our technicians finalize the machines and ensure that our products can leave for our customers worldwide without errors.

Logistics Strong

Experienced forklift drivers supply our employees with all necessary materials, with an eye for safety.

Passionate Welders / Polishers

Our welders / polishers are all professionals who deliver quality materials.

Lifelong Training

Thanks to the support of ESF, we can continue to provide our employees with relevant training, so that lifelong learning becomes a guarantee. We support the further development of social and cultural skills, communicate both internally and externally, collaborate in a team with internal and external parties, critical thinking on the part of our employees and problem-solving thinking and acting. In addition, our managerial employees gain new insights into their own performance (self-regulation). And we try to provide sufficient training in ICT skills, digital literacy and information skills and how to deal with them critically.

Will you join our team?


Over 40 years of committed service. A building block within our company.


Teamleader Warehouse, over 27 years of service and a formidable ping-pong opponent.


Our strong forklift driver with more than 20 years of service on the counter. No pallet is too big, no truck too small.


General Manager with a big heart for the company and the employees.


HR Officer and prevention advisor with almost 30 years of service. 'La mama' from the employees.


Over 26 years of committed service and one of our experienced welders. A building block of our company.