Ice water cooling

Ice water has been used for many years on dairy farms and milk collecting centres because it can cool down big amounts of milk in a very short time.

A lot of energy can be stored on a small surface, which results in a compact space-saving unit.  Thanks to the big ice storage, a significant amount of ice water of 0.5-1°C is produced.

In case of robotic milking there is no risk on freezing of even the smallest quantities of milk.

The Packo Ice Builder is the result of many years of experience in cooling liquids for the dairy- and food industry. The PIB is the heart of the DIB system, it builds up an ice reserve with which it can make a large amount of ice water at 0.5°C.

The standard PIB is supplied with a powerful ice water pump that transports the ice water through the heat exchanger in the DIB tank.

A rapid cooling, without the risk of freezing, of your valuable milk is ensured.  

Possible options include an extra ice water pump for instant cooling and a time clock for the  use of cheaper night-rate electricity.

Flyer ice water cooling

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