Packo buffer tank

To optimize the daily number of milkings per cow, the standstill of the milk robot (tank empting and washing) is restricted to the minimum. Therefore the installation of a Packo buffer tank is essential in the total project of AMS.
After the collection of the milk from the milk cooling tank, the milk is sent automatically to the buffer tank. Therefore it is possible to continue milking through the robot while the milk cooling tank is being cleaned thoroughly.
So the milking rhythm of the animals won’t be disturbed by shutting down the milking robot unnecessarily.
As soon as the milk cooling tank is cleaned it can receive milk again from the robot. The robot milks into the tank and the milk in the buffer tank is also pumped to the milk cooling tank by a powerful Packo centrifugal pump (produced of high-quality stainless steel). The buffer tank is immediately cleaned. 

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