Eco-tube tubular cooler

Pre-cooling of the milk before it reaches the milk cooling tank.

Advantages concerning energy:

  • Free (!) heating of water from milk.
  • Considerable savings when using well or mains water as pre cooling. Up to 50 % less energy consumption when cooling the milk.

Technical advantages:

  • No maintenance. The Packo tubular cooler need never be dismantled for cleaning purposes, contrary to a plate cooler or bundle tubular cooler!
  • Easy cleaning, together with the milking machine.

Quality advantages milk:

  • Immediate milk cooling slows bacterial growth.
  • Low blend temperature during subsequent milkings. Less chance of bacterial growth.
  • No seals, the milk is only in contact with stainless steel. This avoids pollution or contamination. Very reliable in comparison with plate cooler or bundle tubular cooler.

Financial advantages:

  • The heated water can be used as drinking water for the cattle. The animals like to drink warm water. They drink more; the milk production remains stable, also during wintertime. Tests on the farm have proven this.
  • Possible subventions for environment friendly solution
  • Smaller cooling unit possible. This means lower investment
  • Short return on investment (only a few years)
  • Suitable for spring water
  • Very long life expectancy
  • No maintenance costs
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