The first vertical milk cooling tank in Israel


The first Packo VM/DX 30000 L milk cooling tank arrived in Israel and has been successfully installed by our agent Dubi Shamir in Kibbutz Hafetz Haim close to the coastal town of Ashdod at the Mediterranean sea.

There are three dairy farm systems in Israel:

The Kibbutz (collective farm) with 200 to 600 cows per herd where the cows are milked three times daily. There are about 215 Kibbutzim with dairy cattle.
The other system is the Moshav (family farm on cooperative settlement) with 20 to 60 cows per herd where the cows are milked twice daily. There are about 680 Moshavim with dairy herds.

Next to this there are about 750 non registered small dairy farms.

Milk production per cow is among the highest in the world with an average of 12.100 kg per year.

This is thanks to a long and intensive breeding program of Holstein dairy cattle.


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